Top 5 Signs of a Bad Real Estate Agent

We’ve seen so many people hire the wrong real estate agent to sell their home that we’re starting to think agents should come with warning labels like expired milk or a pack of cigarettes. Since that’s not happening anytime soon I’d like to share the top six signs that you’ve hired a bad agent to sell your home.

They Have Overvalued Your Property

Luring you in by saying they can get you a far higher price for your home than the most comparable sold properties in the area is a dishonest tactic that many real estate agents use to get listings. This a problem because they’ve oversold you on an unrealistic sale price just to get your listing knowing that your house won’t sell at that price and that they’ll be coming to you within a few weeks or a few months asking for a price reduction. When your house sits on the market it sends a message to potential buyers that there’s something wrong with your home; so eventually when your agent comes knocking on your door to tell you that it’s time to lower your price it’s already too late.

Their Marketing is Lackluster or Non-Existent

Beware of any real estate agent who takes pictures of your home with their cell phone; shockingly we still see this done a lot it’s the telltale sign of an inexperienced lazy or cheap agent. 89% of buyers rely on images to decide if they want to see a property in person or not; without professional images, even the most beautiful home looks dull, small, and uninspired. If your agent hasn’t embraced social media marketing, professional photography and video, and the slew of other things you need to make your home stand out it means less exposure, fewer showings, and a longer time on the market, and guess what a lower selling price.

They Don’t Have Enough Real Estate Experience

Sure, it may sound great your aunt just got her real estate license or that your best friend’s sister really wants your business after being licensed for only a year but is that really what’s best for you and your home sale. Experienced agents not only have more year in the field and transactions under their belt they also have a larger network. They are likely to be better negotiators and they’re also likely to have a much better grasp of real estate offers, waivers, amendments, and the other legal paperwork involved in the transaction. One mistake on real estate paperwork could literally cost you thousands of dollars so expertise in this area is key.

They are Super Aggressive and/or Pushy

Sometimes it’s easy to be impressed by an aggressive agent since you assume that they could parlay you into giving you an advantage in negotiations not true. Aggressive real estate agents tend to rub other agents the wrong way which is completely counterproductive to getting a deal done even worse when that aggression is used to pressure you into decisions that make you uncomfortable or are not in your best interest things could get messy and fast.

They Encourage Double Dipping

If your listing agent encourages multiple representations aka where they personally represent you and the buyer run don’t walk in the other direction even the most honest real estate agent will be faced with a conflict of interest. When it comes to offers they’ll be representing you the seller who’s looking for the highest price while also representing the buyer who will want to pay the lowest price. Why so? They can double in the deal and get significantly more commission the result a conflict of interest and no one is looking out for what’s best for you as the seller.

They Disappear With Today’s Technology

It’s pretty much impossible for someone to be unavailable if your real estate agent seems to have fallen off the face of the earth they’ve likely spread themselves too thin or they’re avoiding an awkward conversation about why he/she haven’t sold your property yet the result frustration as your calls go unanswered. A lack of timely and up-to-date strategies to get your property sold and frustrated buyer’s agents who can’t get a hold of your agent either.

Choosing the wrong agent and not taking active steps to end the relationship and move on to someone better will cost you money, time, potential legal issues, and most definitely your sanity. Remember listing agreements are with you and your agents; if you are unhappy call your real estate agents or broker to get a cancellation agreement signed and regroup with a fantastic agent who values your time and your property.…

Jock Itch – A Painful Infection


A typical infection primarily of the grown-up men, Jock itch, is an exceptionally excruciating and awkward marvel found in the hot nations. Caused by an over the top development of the parasites Dermatophytes living in the skin, Jock itch, as a rule, happens when these organisms multiply in the skin because of dampness. This malady influences the crotch zone of men yet infrequently influences the penis in men. Jock itch albeit more pervasive in men here and there influences ladies likewise in the crotch zone as it were.

This sickness is caused because of following reasons:

Fitted wears

If a man wears fitted lower clothing like pants, pants, tight undies or briefs, it can prompt Jock itch. It causes more sweat in the crotch region prompting development in the growths causing Jock itch. – To spare oneself from this epidermal sickness, one should attempt to change his underpants frequently particularly underwears. – Try to abstain from sharing of individual clothing like towels and bed sheets with the influenced individual and those agony from competitor’s foot. Competitor’s foot and ringworm can bring about Jock itch. Accordingly, you should endeavor to cure this ailment as quickly as time permits. – After washing, dry your crotch territory before wearing underwear. – Try to wear cotton attire which can drench dampness from your body

Jock itch can be dealt with by doctors after they take tests from your skin. An example of your tainted skin when set under a magnifying lens can without much of a stretch uncover whether you have gotten this ailment. An example of your skin can be taken after the skin injury biopsy test, which is otherwise called the Punch biopsy or the shave biopsy. See more.

Inordinate scratching

Now and again, bacterial infections can likewise come about as a resulting of inordinate scratching of the influenced territory. At that point, specialists need to give oral antifungal prescriptions to treat such affections. Hence, you ought to abstain from scratching of the crotch territory if experiencing Jock itch. Jock itch is an extremely transferable illness, which can spread by contact with skin of the contaminated individual. Additionally, you can likewise get this infection by contact with the unwashed pieces of clothing of the tainted individual. Physical connection with the contaminated individual can likewise cause Jock itch. You can likewise go for a KOH test for an appropriate conclusion of this test.


The best treatment for Jock itch is antifungal balms accessible at a close drugstore you. The best salves are Azoles and Allylamines. Jock itch can bring about the presence of red rashes on your skin close to the crotch in the skin folds of the upper thigh and which make you persistently scratch the influenced zone. These patches are redder in the external zone than in the inside with raised peripheries. The presence of anomalous dull or light skin likewise implies that you are experiencing Jock itch. Gradually, the infection can spread to the butt causing unfortunate torment and distress. For more details, visit:

Discover Some Easy to Use Tips for Dry Itchy Skin on Your Face

The dry itchy skin on your face is the worst. Here are some easy-to-follow tips on keeping your skin moist, mainly in the winter months. Your skin dries faster in the winter and, as a result, it seems to be itchier as well. You do not want to suffer from this dry itchy skin every winter, so here are some ways you can help your skin to dry out less.

Do Not Use Hot Water, Use It Lukewarm Instead

Hot water takes out the natural moisture in your skin and so, it reasons it to dry up more. Try to keep your bathrooms and showers shorter, such as no more than 10-15 minutes. You may also want to avoid the hot tubs at this time unless you want to torture your skin. If drying your skin after your bath or shower, just pat your skin dry, which will help keep moisture in the skin. Hydration after your bath or shower, mainly during the winter months, will endure keeping your skin moister.

Exfoliating On a Weekly Basis

For moisturizers to help your skin you need to exfoliate it first. There are various peels that you can use in the shower and on your face, once a week. Also, you can use additional virgin olive oil on your clean face, specifically during the cold weather months. Using a wet wipe will help massage the oil into your skin. This really aids to exfoliate and moisturize. You can make your own facial scrub by adding a little salt or sugar to your oil, then applying it gently to your face.

Do Not Use Drying Soaps

You should use a moisturizing cleanser that is creamy and that is specific to your face to help with dry skin on your face.

Use a Humidifier in the winter

Your skin ought to have more than 30% of humidity to assist in staying moist. Heating your rooms with a single oven can have 10% moisture in it. When going to bed, place a humidifier in your room and keep the door closed so that moist air remains there.

Protecting Your Face

If you have sensitive skin, you may want to use bottled water to wash your face, due to all the harmful minerals found in tap water. You can also consider using a cold cream such as Ponds to cleanse your face.

Some other reasons your skin may itch include: mites digging under your skin, fungus on the skin, an infection somewhere in your body and a long list of other possible causes. All of which should be ruled out if you have been suffering from this situation for a long time. The best solution for this is to get a proper diagnosis. While conventional medicine may be helpful, you are likely to find answers for a more permanent solution in alternative therapies and therapies.

These are just some remedies to follow that will help with the dry itchy skin on your face and body. I hope these have been of help to you and your skin.…

What Is Jock Itch? Causes and Symptoms of Jock Itch?

Itchy skin is a common ailment and for most, they think it’s nothing more than a minor issue and nothing too serious. However, have you ever thought the problem might be jock itch? You probably haven’t really thought about this being an issue for you and yet it could be the underlying cause of your discomfort. This might be more common for younger boys and men but anyone can experience it and it doesn’t discriminate either. Jock itch is technically an infection and it causes the inflicted a rash that can burn or sometimes become itchy. You may find the infected area becomes very red and the skin is flaky. However, what causes this and how do you know if you have jock itch?

The Common Symptoms

You can experience a range of ailments such as a burning sensation within the affected area; there may also be excessive redness and a constant itch. Itchy skin might be a very common symptom of jock itch. However, the skin can become cracked and start flaking or even pealing. Some other symptoms might include having the rash worsen once you have used rash cream. When you have experienced these things then you know there is a big possibility of the problem being jock itch. This condition usually is found around the inner thigh area or indeed the groin area. In most cases, the condition is kept within these areas but there is the possibility of it spreading to other areas such as the stomach.

Why Does This Happen?

There are a number of reasons why something like this could occur. For starters, there is a natural fungi found within the skin and usually it doesn’t cause any issue whatsoever. However, if you have been working out stayed in the same clothing for a considerable period of time then there is a greater chance the moisture from your sweat could multiply the fungi. This will then cause an infection. It is vastly important to find a jock itch cure so that it can be treated quickly as it’s an uncomfortable condition. In order to avoid such a problem you need to wash after exercising and wash on a daily basis. You don’t necessarily have to get this after exercising; it could be you’ve worn the same trousers for several days without changing. Read more here:

How To Diagnose And Treat The Condition?

Doctors will have to examine the affected area. Once the condition has been confirmed, doctors may very well prescribe jock itch cream to sooth the area and clear up the infection. There are other ways to help clear the condition up including washing the skin with soap and drying effectively after. Loose clothing is always a must here and it shouldn’t take too long to clear up. Again, everyone is different so it might take less time in one than another; it just depends on the extent of the infection.

Dealing With Jock Itch Effectively

No-one wants to deal with jock itch. It can be an uncomfortable ailment and one that is hard to shift unless you get help from a doctor. In order to avoid such problems in the future you should continue to cleanse yourself on a daily basis and of course change clothing after working out. Feeling itchy all the time can be uncomfortable too but there are ways to help you avoid this. When you have that itchy feeling use jock itch cream and clear up the rash.…

Vaginal Thrush Treatment


Vaginal thrush or yeast infection is a disease that affects the vagina and it is caused by a fungus. It will result in an infection with types of fungal yeast called Candida. There is some treatment that you can use, one is the anti-thrush cream, you can use it by rubbing it to the skin around the vagina. Most of the treatments work well; you just need to follow the procedure properly. Other women have repeated bouts of thrush in which they need longer treatment. Not having a proper hygiene is one of the causes of vaginal thrush, so just keep you clean in order to prevent vaginal thrush. Thrush is caused by fungal yeast called Candida SPP, and it will be infected to the skin and around the vaginal area.

Your immune system will stop the vaginal thrush to spread or thriving, but if you will not do some immediate treatment the vaginal thrush may multiply and may invade the vagina and cause some symptoms. The thrush are commonly sites are those areas that are warm, moist, and airless parts of the body, and that is why the vagina is one of the common site for thrush. Other parts of the body that are prone to yeast infection is the mouth, groin, and also the nappy area in babies.

In having vaginal thrush, you will feel some symptoms, and you need to know all the symptoms so that you can do some treatment immediately, if you are pregnant and you have a vaginal thrush, you don’t have to worry because it will not harm your baby. One of the causes of a vaginal discharge is the thrush, it is commonly quite thick and creamy white, and sometimes it is watery and because of the thrush it will cause itch, redness and also pain outside the surface of the vagina. checkout important treatments at

Women that have a vaginal thrush will feel some pain or discomfort while having sex and also during they are having urine. Some symptoms can clear up by their own or can cure it easily because it is only minor, but most of the symptoms in vaginal thrush are so irritating and it became worse and it will need medication or a treatment.


Vaginal thrush will not damage the vagina. There is no need you to have a test in order you to diagnose that you have a vaginal thrush, because there are typical symptoms and signs. Also, not all vaginal discharge is caused by thrush, because there are some other causes of vaginal discharge. If this is your first time to have a vaginal thrush, then you need to see a doctor or a medical expert so that they can give you advice for treatment and to confirm that you have a vaginal thrush, and if needed the doctor or the medical expert will examine you. Most of the women are having a vaginal thrush in their lives, for there is no proper reason; because there are different causes in vaginal thrush. People with poor immune system are most likely to have thrush.…

Tinea Cruris – Better Known as Jock Itch

abnormal dark or light skin

Tinea Cruris or Jock Itch is common in males. It is a fungal infection caused by tinea. It can be easily treated when you do some treatment immediately. Tinea Cruris is often painful and itchy, but not in all cases. There are some clues that you can see and help you to identify if you have a fungal infection. You will see a slightly raised patch, abnormal dark or light skin, inflammation of the groin, upper thigh, and anal area. It can be very uncomfortable for you when you have a fungal infection caused by tinea. for more detailed information, visit her latest blog posted at

One of the causes of having tinea is when your immune system becomes weak. When you have fungal forms like athlete’s foot it can spread to the groin through clothing. Also, when you use tight, restrictive clothing just like jockstraps, it will trap heat and result in excess moisture, providing the perfect environment for fungus to spread. So, make sure that you change your clothing and underwear daily, especially if you are doing an event or sports activity. Wash your clothes and underwear regularly, and also dry them thoroughly.

Everyone knows that prevention is better than cure. Therefore, proper hygiene can help you a lot in preventing fungal infection caused by tinea. One prevention is to reduce as much heat and moisture from the groin area as possible. When you take a bath or perspire dry off your whole body immediately with a clean towel. After having your physical activities, you need to take a shower. Use clean underwear too. Nowadays, there are lots of treatments for fungal infection, but you need to know what will be the best for you. Ask advice to a medical expert, in order to have the proper medication or treatment to your fungal infection.

abnormal dark or light skin

Tinea Cruris or Jock Itch is slightly contagious. For example, if you are use or wear the clothing of someone who has the fungal infection, it can be transmitted to you. However, if the person who is the one use the clothing with skin disease has a good or proper hygiene to their body, they will not be infected. Conversely,  when a person does not provide a similar warm, moist environment that can help the fungi to spread, that person will not suffer.There are many people that suffer this kind of problems and this is a serious matter that needs medical attention right away or immediately. get additional tips and information straight from the source.

Even if you will feel or see the symptoms and signs of having a fungal infection caused by tinea, you can’t be 100% sure that you have Jock Itch. Therefore, you need to go to a physician because they can determine if you have Jock Itch. After a physical exam and your history of having a Tinea Cruris the physician can give you results and advice for treatment procedure should you have it. Under a microscope, the fungi can be diagnosised as Tinea Cruris.…

Chronic Thrush Treatment: Finding the Best Option

Thrush Treatment

Nowadays, there are lots of women who are suffering in having a chronic thrush, it is so annoying or irritating and it can give problems to their daily tasks or jobs. That is why lots of women today are searching for chronic thrush treatment options. If this is your first time you have had thrush, you need to consult a doctor so that they can provide you with the treatment you need. Some people are still questioning these common treatments, however, as many are still suffering from chronic thrush.

People should know that everybody is different, there are slightly different forms of thrush, and treatment that works will vary from person to person. In order to prevent thrush spreading more, you also need to know how to prevent thrush in the first place by not doing things that can trigger thrush like using hygiene sprays too much. So, it is preferable that you will go to see a doctor or a medical expert who can give you advice for the correct treatment. Finding the right treatment is so important.

Anti-fungal creams are one of the most common treatments for chronic thrush, but not all creams are necessarily the most convenient solutions. You need to seek advice from a doctor so that you will have the best result in using a topical treatment, and also you will apply the right dosages of cream for your thrush. If you are the one to the measure the exact amount of cream that you will apply to your chronic thrush, it is so hard for you to measure it accurately. So, let an expert work this out for you. read latest news and updates at

Most women who suffer from thrush, want to know if there is an effective solution to manage chronic thrush. Luckily, there is a solution: oral probiotic supplements which don’t only have the potential to alleviate the symptoms of chronic thrush, they will also boast the capability to correct your microflora imbalance.  It will help you a lot to maintain your good healthy body. You are safe to any treat of chronic thrush. Look for the best treatment for chronic thrush, because most treatment methods are far from ideal. It is so hard for women when they are applying creams wherever place they are, maybe at the office or other place.

Thrush Treatment

Also, it often uncomfortable for women to place capsules directly into their vagina. Women will do anything just to relieve themselves from vaginal thrush, because it can affect their daily lives. When you feel any thrush symptoms, go to a doctor immediately so that you can start treatment straight away to prevent it from getting worse. You need to know what are the causes of chronic thrush infection so that you can avoid it. By having a proper hygiene, it can help you a lot to prevent thrush. One thing you need to know on how to prevent chronic thrush is you need to eat healthy foods so that it will make your immune system stronger.…