Top 5 Signs of a Bad Real Estate Agent

We’ve seen so many people hire the wrong real estate agent to sell their home that we’re starting to think agents should come with warning labels like expired milk or a pack of cigarettes. Since that’s not happening anytime soon I’d like to share the top six signs that you’ve hired a bad agent to sell your home.

They Have Overvalued Your Property

Luring you in by saying they can get you a far higher price for your home than the most comparable sold properties in the area is a dishonest tactic that many real estate agents use to get listings. This a problem because they’ve oversold you on an unrealistic sale price just to get your listing knowing that your house won’t sell at that price and that they’ll be coming to you within a few weeks or a few months asking for a price reduction. When your house sits on the market it sends a message to potential buyers that there’s something wrong with your home; so eventually when your agent comes knocking on your door to tell you that it’s time to lower your price it’s already too late.

Their Marketing is Lackluster or Non-Existent

Beware of any real estate agent who takes pictures of your home with their cell phone; shockingly we still see this done a lot it’s the telltale sign of an inexperienced lazy or cheap agent. 89% of buyers rely on images to decide if they want to see a property in person or not; without professional images, even the most beautiful home looks dull, small, and uninspired. If your agent hasn’t embraced social media marketing, professional photography and video, and the slew of other things you need to make your home stand out it means less exposure, fewer showings, and a longer time on the market, and guess what a lower selling price.

They Don’t Have Enough Real Estate Experience

Sure, it may sound great your aunt just got her real estate license or that your best friend’s sister really wants your business after being licensed for only a year but is that really what’s best for you and your home sale. Experienced agents not only have more year in the field and transactions under their belt they also have a larger network. They are likely to be better negotiators and they’re also likely to have a much better grasp of real estate offers, waivers, amendments, and the other legal paperwork involved in the transaction. One mistake on real estate paperwork could literally cost you thousands of dollars so expertise in this area is key.

They are Super Aggressive and/or Pushy

Sometimes it’s easy to be impressed by an aggressive agent since you assume that they could parlay you into giving you an advantage in negotiations not true. Aggressive real estate agents tend to rub other agents the wrong way which is completely counterproductive to getting a deal done even worse when that aggression is used to pressure you into decisions that make you uncomfortable or are not in your best interest things could get messy and fast.

They Encourage Double Dipping

If your listing agent encourages multiple representations aka where they personally represent you and the buyer run don’t walk in the other direction even the most honest real estate agent will be faced with a conflict of interest. When it comes to offers they’ll be representing you the seller who’s looking for the highest price while also representing the buyer who will want to pay the lowest price. Why so? They can double in the deal and get significantly more commission the result a conflict of interest and no one is looking out for what’s best for you as the seller.

They Disappear With Today’s Technology

It’s pretty much impossible for someone to be unavailable if your real estate agent seems to have fallen off the face of the earth they’ve likely spread themselves too thin or they’re avoiding an awkward conversation about why he/she haven’t sold your property yet the result frustration as your calls go unanswered. A lack of timely and up-to-date strategies to get your property sold and frustrated buyer’s agents who can’t get a hold of your agent either.

Choosing the wrong agent and not taking active steps to end the relationship and move on to someone better will cost you money, time, potential legal issues, and most definitely your sanity. Remember listing agreements are with you and your agents; if you are unhappy call your real estate agents or broker to get a cancellation agreement signed and regroup with a fantastic agent who values your time and your property.